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6 selfies 2k14 im unstoppable honestly

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I want to dress like this forever.

Instagram - Calliethorpe

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6 2k14 selfies show that ethnic goth is purely a lifestyle

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Love yourself and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

porn blogs fuck off.

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i’m too vain to refuse the internet these pictures. this babydoll is the loveliest <3

~don’t reblog if you frequently post porn on your blog~

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What I Wore To Work

This is what I wore to work yesterday, minus the bunny ears. Our store is getting remodeled and they made it clear that we need to step up our fashion game and have full face makeup. It sounded a little challenging for me just because I’m not used to working with a lot of makeup on or going to work looking like a wannabe model so I just put on lipstick and accessorized with a belt and it was a hit!

Top: Torrid, 4, $22*
Skirt: Lane Bryant, 26/28, $?
Belt: Torrid, 4, $1* (bogo $1 sale)
Shoes: Torrid, 12, $22*

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As the last fat positive piece I did was received so well, here is another!

I’m afraid it’s not such a good drawing as the last as I am trying to get myself used to FireAlpaca, which isn’t as good as SAI, but I think it still looks quite good.

Anyway, thank you all so much for being so incredibly supportive of my last piece and I hope my work helps you all to fall in love with your bodies. Please spread the body positivity and help increase fat acceptance in the world, it’s an incredibly important issue that affects fat and thin people and everyone in between.

This is available to buy as T-shirts, device cases, stickers etc on my Redbubble as well as other items such as mugs, bags and art prints over on Society6.

EDIT: updated image (with stretch marks)

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Last Saturday at lunch :)

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Lana Del Rey inspired set. I think I captured her pretty well.

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Must-Have Plus Size Swimwear of the Season

Visit www.TrendyCurvy.com for a few of my favorite swimsuits including this bikini from Monif C!

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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Pictured above are the 4 things I just purchased from Domino Dollhouse. Because I cannot stand not having items from the Pagan Poetry collection in my closet any longer. And also because who doesn’t want a necklace that says “BITCH” on it?

Thanks so much for your support!! <3 XOXOXO

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fat women will always be the subject of the majority of malicious fat shaming because of the lie that the natural state of a woman is small, weak, and fragile; meanwhile fat men are mostly left alone by the fat shamers because of the lie that the natural state of a man is big, strong, and present. ‘oh, he’s just a big guy.’ but to them a big girl cannot just be a big girl. she must have once been a frail, small thing that became this way.